Simple and transparent cost of deploying and using qcadoo MES.


We give you the choice of three ready license packages of our application – Optimal, Pro and Premium. They differ in the number of users and included functionality.


For companies that need quick and easy manufacturing management solution

  • 5 office users
  • 10 shop floor workers

330 EUR /month

+ Kickstart package »

1599 EUR

PRO Package

For companies that want to use manufacturing management integrated with their WMS

  • 5 users
  • integration with WMS
  • 10 shop floor workers
  • dedicated demo instance

475 EUR /month

+ Kickstart package »

4 490 EUR


For companies with many production sites that need fully automatic solution

  • tailored deployment
  • integration with WMS
  • integration with barcode server
  • dedicated modules
  • multi factories
  • Maintenance Department management

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+ Kickstart package »

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prices without VAT 

Every package contains:

  • qcadoo MES hosting in the professional hosting center (secured and maintained 24h/day)
  • support of the best Qcadoo staff that will take care of your application
  • free upgrades
  • technical support – by phone and email
  • daily data backup on external servers
  • your peace of mind ;)

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Kickstart packages

With each Kickstarter package we will help you hit the ground running for your effective manufacturing management and we will

  • make analysis of current situation and required solution
  • prepare for you dedicated instance of qcadoo MES
  • import your Master Data – like Products, Materials, Companies (from Excel, CSV files)
  • define with you how to create technologies and we will define with you technologies for sample products
  • configure work instructions
  • specify how to work with production orders
  • deploy the registration of work in progress on your shop floor
  • configure integration with your external systems (if you have such ones)
  • train your people for the real work with qcadoo MES
  • define scope of additional functionalities if you will have such a need
In order to fully use qcadoo MES, we need to know deep your production process. Based on this we make the customized deployment.
During implementation, we will not only configure qcadoo MES for your, but we will also we will suggest how to improve your processes based on our knowledge gain from other deployments..

Dedicated deployment

icon-cennik-shieldFor demanding clients that required highly tailored approach, we are offering dedicated deployments.

  • individual offer
  • customize the project scope to meet your unique business needs
  • dedicated functionalities

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who is the user in qcadoo MES?

    The user is any of your employees that have a login to our software. We count only your workers in your office and every such user has access to full functionality. The number of employees on the shop floor is not limited in qcadoo MES – every one of them can register the production in the production terminals. In case of the shop floor, you are only limited to the number of production terminals.

  • Is the Kickstarter package required?

    Yes, for all new clients the Kickstarter package is mandatory. We know from our experience that clients that bought only licenses were not able to fully use the power of qcadoo MES. During the implementation, we are not only training your employees or make the required parametrization, but we also help in process reorganization that is connected with manufacturing management. Don’t forget that deployment of MES software is usually both a revolution and the excellent opportunity to eliminate all unnecessary activities in your processes.

  • Is my data secure?

    Security of our clients and business continuity of qcadoo MES is our main priority. That is why our servers are located in the professional hosting center, with all day security, biometric access control, automatic gas extinguishing system or power from two independent transformer stations. Do we need to say more? ;) In addition, every night data from our servers are being backed for external servers. Perhaps only the banks have more safety systems than us.

  • Can I later add additional users?

    Yes, of course. If you need additional users and the next in offer license package has them more than you need, you can buy separate licenses. Contact with us, and we will prepare you the offer.

  • For how long do I have to sign the contract?

    Of course, we would like you to use qcadoo MES all the time ;) But we know that many things can happen. That’s why the contract is signed for 12 months with an automatic extension for another month. After a year you can cancel anytime.

  • What if I have specific needs? Are you flexible enough?

    As the owner of the software we can do with it whatever we want. Of course, there are some limits – we ensure the basic principles are preserved. We will never make of qcadoo MES the email software or a for a home budget ;) If you have specific needs or you think that there are some missing functionalities, contact us. We have made many highly tailored deployments for our clients and we wrote many additional modules dedicated for them.

  • How do you count production staff

    People on shop floor use Registration terminal. It’s nothing more than simplified and easy to use application that will be used on your shop floor. It will allow your workers to register the production in a quick way so you will know who has made the operation, what was the amount produced, what materials have been consumed and what was the time spend on it. We count every production person that is entered in the system, for small monthly fee.

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