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Integration with Enova ERP

qcadoo MES works with Enova ERP and integrates all the data required for manufacturing management.

  • Master data

    The Enova system data on products, units and contractors may be automatically synchronised with qcadoo MES. You may specify which product groups will be visible to the production system, and synchronise additional product definition fields and the unit converters. The synchronisation works both ways – products created in qcadoo MES may be automatically added to the Enova system (e.g. semi-finished products).

  • Orders from Clients

    You will be systematically updated on the current raw materials stock balance, department stocks and the production in progress. The costs of production orders will be updated based on the real purchase prices of the materials and the product database will always be up to date. You will no longer need to wait until the end of the month to know your raw materials stock balance or the actual costs of the production orders. Moreover, your accountant will have less work to do, as she will be systematically receiving access to all of the production documents.

  • Warehouse integration

    When you implement qcadoo MES, you don’t need to make any revolutionary changes such as changing your current financial and accounting program. qcadoo MES will exchange all of the data necessary for managing the production with your software (e.g. products, contractors, stocks).