• Alicja Kozyra

    Alicja Kozyra

    Software Quality Guardian

    At work, she is a guardian of the software quality; after work, she becomes the guardian of her hearth. She spends her free time strolling the local woods or cycling; and when the weather is bad – reading a good book with a glass of wine.

  • Monika JędrysiakMonika Jędrysiak

    Business Process Analyst

    The Analyst – the person responsible for translating the customers’ expectations into a language that the programmers can understand. As a typical analyst, though not just because of her job, she prefers to listen than to talk, and yet she always has a lot of questions and does not like them to go unanswered.
    After work, she tries to cool down and stop thinking, making intense use of her MultiSport card. ;)

  • Krzysiek JelińskiKrzysztof Jeliński

    Software Developer

    Developer with passion. Always giving 100% of himself. Loves good music, pizza and two-wheelers. Happy husband and father of two children.

  • Katarzyna MałyszekKatarzyna Małyszek

    Software Developer

    Has a degree in Computer Science from the AGH University of Science and Technology. This woman does not shy away from any job or task. Her motto is “I handle difficult stuff on the spot. Impossible stuff takes me some time.” After work, she brings order to fantasy worlds, annihilating armies of monsters in various RPGs. Sometimes, you can also meet her in the streets of Kraków, hunting for an interesting view with her camera.

  • Kamil SiwoniaKamil Siwonia

    Software Developer

    Experienced JEE programmer. He prefers a clean and simple code. After work, he devotes himself to his family life.

  • Krzysztof NadolskiKrzysztof Nadolski

    Technical Team Leader

    At work, he picks the right hammers for the right nails and transfers that knowledge to his colleagues and customers. In private, he has recently been passionate about cycling and swimming, and he has been striving to find the answers to most of his 3 year old daughter’s questions – he already knows he won’t find the answers to all of them.

  • Łukasz PoniewierskiŁukasz Poniewierski

    Software Developer

    Keen programmer. He is a perfectionist by nature and likes to have everything done down to a tee. He can find an appropriate GIF for any occasion.
    He spends his evenings watching TV shows, whose exact number still eludes him.

  • Marcin PerłakMarcin Perłak


    Assumes various roles in Qcadoo (aside from being a programmer). He likes simple design and clear rules. He fervently believes in perfect customer service. After work, he infects his daughters with new technologies and cycles around the Lesser Poland countryside.

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