Friendly manufacturing management

qcadoo MES is an Internet application for production management targeted at small and medium companies, also available Open Source version.

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The software which will allow you to calculate the costs and plan the production

It’s available via the Internet browser and will help you to manage production on a daily basis. It combines the functions of large ERP systems, adapting it to the specific character of Small and Medium Companies. Your people will love it.


home-row-1User friendly

We have designed qcadoo MES in such a way that it is easy to use it – both for you and your production employees. The appearance of our software is transparent and clear, and therefore, you can start working with it without spending multiple hours on training and reading complicated documentation.

home-row-2Available online

All you need in order to use qcadoo MES is the Internet browser and Internet connection. We deal with all technical matters: you do not have to cope with servers, equipment, IT service, backup copies or updates – you receive all of it at the subscription price.

Integrated with ERP systems

We are perfectly aware that no system for management production can function in separation from the rest of your company. That is why, by default, qcadoo MES offers integration with the most popular finance, accounting and storage systems. We synchronize products, storage operations, costs and clients’ orders.
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home-row-4Tailored to your needs

You can use the variety of the functionalities of our system right away, or with us you can create those that you company needs. We are the creators of qcadoo MES, which means that we successfully develop this system and we are free to modify it.

What are the next steps

  • 1. We talk about your needs

    We always try to understand thoroughly what you needs are, what goals you wish to achieve and by the means of which of functionalities offered by qcadoo MES we can fulfill them together.

  • 2. We schedule to have a presentation

    Based on the knowledge of your needs, we present to you how MES can be used in your company in order to improve production management.

  • 3. We implement the software together

    We carry out a thorough analysis, we compile the implementation schedule, dividing it into stages after which you will be able to use qcadoo MES. We suit qcadoo MES to your needs and we implement it together with you.

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